Winter in Ibiza

Location: Ibiza (San Juan).

Arrival date: 31st October 2012

Departure date: 25th November 2012

Arriving back here in Ibiza after spending four months in London, the first thing I wanted to do when I woke up the next day was to see the sea and watch the sun set at Benirras beach! It was calling me and I found it’s crystal clear turquoise waters very calming after being in the polluted city. Just letting go and breathing in the fresh sea air! Benirras is in the north of the Island, a real hideout during the winter time and one of my all time favourite places .

Ibiza in the winter is heaven on earth and perfect for reflecting, retreating and catching up with friends! The purpose of this trip is really to reconnect with the Island again and feel her magical spirit.

Highlights: Peace & quiet, a beautiful walk with Walking Ibiza, catching up with Goddessa Ibiza, lunch at Cala Pada, starting my first fire with a log burner, the new café  Can Guimo that’s opened on the San Juan road, their carrot cake was absolutely delicious! Dinner at La Paloma.

Lowlights: The rain & wild storms which caused chaos and flooding, cold and damp nights.

Quote of the trip: Explore the world with a childlike curiosity and you will experience a new aspect of it every day.

Next stop: Madrid.

About me: Cheryl’s Travels


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